Politics of Economics

Every day you pick up a news paper and you will find all bad news in the headline. Economy is struggling again to keep its identity. All macroeconomic indicators are showing bad phase. Growth is again gone down below 5 percents. Inflation is again going to touch double digit mark. Foreign cash flows have started taking return journey. Markets are again very unstable. Currency rate is on ventilator. Corruption is very high. Employment is very low. Social environment is vulnerable. It’s like we all are facing You Know Who is Back time. Yes, India is really facing a dark time. Here I don’t want to focus on what bad is happening in the country, because we all know that. But is this the end???

When I look at this situation I find little hope in it. It’s really a great time to introspect and move towards future. This phase is showing us where we went wrong and what we need to change.  Actually I find this is a good time to write on it. Since we are near to start our new journey with whichever government comes in the centre. Whenever a new government comes, there is a part of population whose whole future depends on the performance of the newly elected government. I want to focus on that part of the population.

Those who have just started their career and those who are going to enter in to job markets in near future are the part of the population whose future depends on the performance of the newly elected government. This part of the population highly depends on the economic performance of the country. This is the right time to speak out your concerns and demand your rights.

This is an opportunity to both the ends of the electoral system, for those who are going to vote and for those who are seeking votes. India is a country with more than 65% of youth population. India is an economy which can help the world economy to survive in the future. You have everything to be successful. Only strong will and right intents should be there to change all your challenges into opportunities.

Youth should demand development. Infrastructure development and skill set development will turn the scenario reverse. You can get good sustainable growth. You can serve the world. You need to remember they demand votes and you are the suppliers. So make it bilateral now. You demand development and force them to supply it if they need power. You need to remember you can change the face of the country and they have to align with your prospects.  Make it pure politics now.

Political parties need to play their role in right manner. Start pure politics of developments and country will give you a chance to serve.



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